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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pom Print and Sketchbook starters.

I just finished this print.

I had been thinking about this sketch I made in my little red sketchbook a few weeks ago. 

I wasn't quite sure what would come of it, but I knew I loved the concept of half of the fruit in detail and the other half in simple silhouette. I just love how the final design came out. I think I may have to go ahead with a whole collection. 
Now, what's to come of this page!??? hmmmmm............ha!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know this is not art related or even creative really...although my own lactose intolerance does lead to some creative eating on my part! ha! 

I am listening to On Point....a great conversation about good bacteria in our bodies....this whole topic kind of blows my mind when I hear about it.....Listen to it if you get the chance....also, this episode of Radiolab on Guts was pretty great

We are, quite literally, WHAT we eat.

Monday, June 18, 2012

School time folders

A very talented friend made these lovely little folders using my Reading and Writing fabric....aren't they just so much fun!!??

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gym Inspired Pattern

The thing I just love about the gym that I belong to is that the instructors of the fitness classes are just awesome and inspiring! I've always been a bit picky about the classes I go to. I like a challenging class that will kick my butt a little and isn't too wimpy. Many of the classes there fit the bill perfectly.
A few months ago, I found out that one of the instructors was moving to Poland at the end of May! That is no small move! It was so sad to have to say good-bye to her. She was so inspiring, motivational, and just a generous, enthusiastic person. She inspired many of us to push to the next level and get out of our comfort zones and over time has become a familiar face and not to mention a friend.
I decided to make a pattern for her and make a gym bag out of it as a going away present. I waited to post the pattern until after I actually got the bag sewn and handed over! Here it is. Check it out on Spoonflower here. 
Check it out! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Carving and Rose Drawing

 I have been working on a few new designs.....mostly hand carved to start. It turns out I have a doodling addiction, and some really great floral designs emerged out of my KC Quilt market sketchbook. Below is a little sneak peak of what I'm up to. I'll post as soon as I get a final design from this. I'm hoping for something elegant, but a bit edgy.

I had an unexpectedly lovely time drawing these flowers the other day. These roses are in our backyard.....a rose bush just overflowing with these little guys. I think I almost take it for granted. When deciding what to draw that morning, I remember thinking that the roses were not an option....imagining images of roses with a perfectly placed dew drop on the tip or something perhaps from my grandmother's toiletry collection. It seemed kind of hokey to draw roses for some reason.  I understand this is non-sense! ha! 
Surprisingly, I really like the flowers above that came out of this drawing session. There may be something there for a future pattern! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Iowa City Quilt Show

Last week, in the midst of the Arts Festival in Iowa City and a family visit, I had the chance to stop by the Old Capitol Quilters Guild show at the Methodist Church downtown. It was so great! 

The quilts themselves were outstanding and impressive, but I have to say that my biggest thrill came from just viewing the show as a whole. Hundreds of quilts were draped over the pews of the church and hung from the balcony above. Behind it all was a glorious display of stained glass that provided a backdrop like no other. It was just truly, truly beautiful. It was really astounding how the quilts echoed the beauty of the windows and vice versa.....just lovely and so inspiring!! 

This was one of my favorites of the show....a quite traditional design, but I just fell in love with the ombre pattern of this double wedding ring quilt.  It was just stunning!

 I also found a little history of the wedding ring pattern here as I was doing this post.

I also thought these were really great!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Although, I have "officially" announced it in the realm of Facebook and to lots of people in person, I just realized I haven't had the chance to dedicate a blog post to this topic yet.
As of a couple of weeks ago, I am now a licensed fabric designer for Marcus Fabrics out of NY. Yeah!!!
This has been such a whirlwind couple of years.....leaving Florida and my full time gig there, pursuing this avenue of artistic creation.....and now, actually securing a contract with such a fantastic company that is a perfect fit for me. I am just filled with joy about all of it.

Marcus has been around for quite some time, well known in the industry for reproduction fabrics and quality, useable textiles. They recently expanded into the Modern Quilting market with their Studio 37 line of modern quilting fabrics. This is the line I'll be a part of, and I am thrilled!

Last month at the KC Quilt Market, I had the chance to meet the women I'll be working with, who were such a delightful, enthusiastic and welcoming bunch. We are in the process of getting the designs in order and moving ahead. Hopefully, the lines will be available at the Fall Quilt Market in Houston. I will definitely have up-to-date info on the blog and on my Facebook design page. So, stay tuned!

Here are a few pics I took of the Marcus booth at market.

I am quite in love with those pink and orange patterns. They remind me of fresh little kiwis! 

 Hustle and Bustle!
 This quilt makes me want to head to Door County and relax by Sister Bay!
 I just adored these two quilts. The colors are so bright, fun, and fresh!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bouncy Ball Adventures

I know this may be a slightly random post, but it feels like something I should write about today. I was talking with a friend yesterday about my visit with my family last week. For a few great days the house was filled with the energy of two kids who were so filled with wonder and enthusiasm, that is was simply infectious. She said, "Wouldn't it be great if we could go through the world like that now?"  And, I think, yes. Yes, it would be. In fact, in a lot of the meditation books and "being in the now" texts I have read over the last few years, that is in fact one of the major suggestions to living in present moment awareness. Behave like a fits or temper tantrums, but behave like a child with a sense of wonder and curiosity as you move through the world. Look at things in new ways. Each time you take a walk, even if it is along the same path you've walked everyday for the last five years, observe it with curiosity and wonder.

I love that notion, and I really do think it is the key to living a great life with eyes wide open.

For almost two years, the exercise ball I happen to own, has sat idle in the basement, stationed behind the couch, and relegated to the category of rarely-to-be-used-at-home-exercise-equipment. When my niece and nephew (ages 8 and 3) visited the house, we brought it up to the backyard for them to play with. My nephew, Rafe, spotted it in the basement, and rightfully assumed it was just a big fun ball and not a torturous exercise contraption. While here, it was the center of attention many days while we played in the yard. They both bounced on it like fools, draped their bodies over it, balanced on it, and rolled around on it gleefully day after day after day.

Now that they have gone back home, the ball has remained in the yard. I decided to follow their lead over the last few days. That ball hasn't seen so much action in years!

Last night, for about an hour after dinner,  John and I took turns seeing how long we could balance on it with hands and feet in the air. I won with a record 60 seconds of really exquisite, graceful balancing. I lay on it on occasion, sit on it in the sun during a break from design work, and even draped my body over it this morning with back arched and head resting on the ground, at which point, this is what I saw.

It was our backyard, unfamiliar, upside down, and so new to my eyes. I think the ball may need to stay out for a while.

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