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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grinnell Journey.

Yesterday, I went to Grinnell. Planted lots of seeds with Carlos for the circus, fell off of a bike, blew out a tire on the same bike, walked a couple of miles with a flat tire bike in tow, ate fresh asparagus and candied ginger , and took lots of pictures during the drive there and back. Here's a drawing I made inspired by the drive on I-80 and Hwy 6. 
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Bill Donovan said...

nice drawing Greta.

Mark Sablow said...

Glad you got to Iowa ok.

You really shouldn't leave asparagus on the dashboard.

The blog is a great idea. I just may do it when I leave for my trip.

Take care.


gsonge said...

The dash is the best place to store it for easy snacking while driving!

Carlos Ferguson said...

That's dazzling with the flat fields of pattern and tricky with the deep space from inside the car out to the two on the road in front of you. I wish I could do that. Brava!

Pamela Rodgers said...

How do you remember the details when you're driving in a car?

gsonge said...

I don't! I leave my camera on my lap for long drives and snap away haphazardly. The pictures are usually blurry reminders taken while I was driving. I also keep a note pad next to me sometimes and make weird little blind drawings or take notes.
There is this book of Alfred Leslie's drawings where he writes about some contraption he made to put in his car so he could Draw N' Drive.....I'll have to find that again.

Mark Sablow said...

Greata is a true artist.

Her drawing/artmaking comes first then she worries about silly distractions like driving.

: )


Larry said...

Sure looks like Iowa, Greta. I've made that trip to Grinell lots of times and it brings back all kind of memories. Hope you get all your falling down done before RAGBRAI.
Great idea the blog. I'll check it out frequently.

Larry D.

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