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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav and the elephants.

This morning, I spoke to all of my family, who are luckily safe. There was an unprecedented evacuation on my home town, Houma, as Hurricane Gustav makes landfall. We will know today how bad it is and whether or not their homes were affected. It is scary to say the least.
I was listening to NPR and the coverage of the storm. The reporter said, "New Orleans was not the only city affected by this storm. Let's go to St. Paul, Minnesota where the Republican National Convention has faced a great challenge because of Gustav." Need I say that it is ridiculous to compare what those two cities are about to face. It just seemed so absurd. Also, McCain was on the air making a desperate attempt to disconnect himself from the behavior of our administration during Katrina by paying close attention to this storm. He said, "It is time to take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats as this storm approaches." (that may not be it exactly, but the hat part is correct) Pivotal words.

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Laura said...

"Freedom ain't free" one of my favorites, nice touch. I've been following the storm all day, hoping for the best for your family. I hope their homes weathered the storm well. Lots o press in houma, even Ann Curry tonite!

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