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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Installation in Jax

This is a long overdue post. Now that the moving has transpired and I am settling in, I had time to organize images from the installation I did at Nullspace Gallery before I left. It was a crazed week of building, printing, painting, worrying, packing, and recruiting the help of Sarah, Hal, and Joe to help me pull the whole thing off...not to mention a lovely dinner delivered in the midst of it all by Cam. So, thanks to all for that.

The title of the show was "All Things Near and Far" and it revolved around all things disaster-related.....big ones, little ones, personal disasters, emotional ones, trivial ones, and significant ones.......


markcreegan said...

hey Greta! this was a grreat show! I hope you dont mind if i use some of these images to update our website, for some reason all we have are tiny images and i want to use some larger ones like these.
I hope all is swell!

gsonge said...

Sounds great Mark! Thanks!

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