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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My dress adventures

Well, I decided that it was time to sew a few things that I could actually wear. Luckily, I had a bunch of yards of jersey knit stored up and just dying to become something. :) 
So, I have this night gown that I just love. It's polka dot, cotton knit material, Hanes Her Way all- the-way......kind of old and faded to boot! However, since I bought it, I always thought it would be a great dress if only it wasn't all of those things above. 
So, dress #1 was made with that as the pattern. I laid out the knit on the carpet, traced the night gown and googled how to put elastic in. Who knew it would work!!?? 
Also, last week I had started to braid all of these strips of scrap fabric together with the intention of making a scarf with the TONS of leftover knit I had from making these bags back in December for the Home Ec sale. 
I added that to the neckline to fancy it up a bit, and voila!!! 
I  just love it. 

The second dress came soon after. After all, that wasn't so why not make another one, right? I have a Banana Republic Dress that I love. It fits so well and is just a flattering fit. I like it so much that I want like 10 of them JUST LIKE IT. So, I decided to try my hand at that dress too. I followed the same process, tracing out the general pattern and googling how to make shirring at the waist. (by the way, I didn't know that's what it was called until I Googled it!)   The chalk is still visible in this shot. oops. 

I've had this cute little buttons for about 6 years that I bought at the thrift store. Turns out, they were the perfect detail for the neck line.

 Also, I fell in love with this trim at Home Ec. So, I put that around the hem line. I just love the way it turned out!  
I kind of can't believe I made these and that they actually fit! I might just be on to something here!  

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JD said...

You rock, that's awesome Greta!

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