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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search--Round 1

When in Europe on our lovely vacation these last few weeks, I received my first assignment from the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search Competition. I have wanted to apply to her studio for representation for a couple of years now, but the timing just wasn't right. And, at just the right time, her studio announced this competition, which has as the grand prize two years of representation by her studio! Yowza!

You can imagine, that vacation was a great time to feel inspired and excited about this challenge.  Paperchase, the amazing stationery company, is the sponsor for this round. The theme was "Playgrounds" and the challenge was to create a journal cover using that theme.Specifically, they mentioned old-fashioned playgrounds---none of those space-age new-fangled playgrounds here! Whew. 
I instantly thought of some of my favorite playground elements----towers to climb, funny little animals on springs, and those fantastic little geodesic domes. I just loved the idea of that colorful quirky dome as an element in the piece. Below are a couple of sketches and mock-ups I made while away. 

I was sans computer on this trip. So, my ideas could only develop so much. I couldn't wait to get home and go full throttle with this design! Many, many steps later-----after days of cutting paper, drawing little elements for the scene, and a dose of computer editing-----I came up with the design below. I just love it! I had some serious debate about including people in the image or not. But, finally I went with just the equipment---a playground ready and waiting for you to enjoy---jump ropes, bouncing balls, swings, towers complete with little telescopes, teeter-totters, and even a little play area for the water creatures too! So, each time someone uses the journal, they can decide---JOURNAL on the inside or spend a little time with their imagination PLAYING on the cover. 

The shortlist of the top 50 who move on is announced on the first---fingers crossed! 


my santo said...

Oh man, did you just get back from Italy? I've been here for a month. time, next time.

Good Luck with the competition! I'm glad there aren't monkey bars. I'm still no good. I'm all over that tire swing!

Greta Songe said...

whaaa!!??? That's great! We actually were in Croatia and Slovenia---close, but not in Italy---let's catch up soon! xoxo

Jenn said...

Wonderful entry! I think (from what I have seen) that you and I are one of the few who didn't actually have a "character" or kids in the design! Well, aside from your cute fishies and birdies! Good luck!

Greta Songe said...

Thanks Jenn! Yours is fabulous! I love the layout of it with the concept of the graph paper and the planning marks in the design---so clever and unique!

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