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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A few new skills......

Wow, it's been a bit too long since the last post. Summer came and went with a fantastic trip to Europe wedged in there somewhere. 

John and I on our first day in Prague

And now, school is back in full swing. This term I am teaching Drawing, Design Fundamentals, and a new class Digital Art. The Digital Art class is exciting. It's a course that I developed and is finally in action! I have to say that I have a great job. Sometimes, I am totally overwhelmed---teaching, designing, sewing, keeping up with life----but how lucky am I to have a job where I can develop a course from scratch that so completely taps into my interests? Pretty lucky. Now, I will say that the five class per term class-load could go as well as a few of the totally non-committed students, but otherwise…

I thought I'd post about exciting things that happened recently. One, was that I finally learned how to make a Dresden quilt block! I have had the ruler sitting around here for almost a year now without even taking it out of it's little wrapper. Geez.
Last week, the lovely and uber-talented Vanessa Christenson of V and Co., taught a class at Home Ec Workshop here in town. It was an appliqué class. We learned how to work with hexagons, simple appliqué techniques, and the Dresden. It was really fabulous. I immediately came home and made up a couple of quilt block samplers using my anchors fabric from Spoonflower. 

A random little lilly pad I made up in class
One color of the tiny anchors---it's so cute, I want to pinch it! 
My first Dresden
My little samplers

I  started making one block from  "Block Party: TheModern Quilting Bee" at a class a few weeks ago, the stacked coins. I wanted to do some work using the super small scale anchors. I really love all of these together. My plan is to keep doing the Block Of The Month Club blocks using the book----AND----add in some fun blocks based on what I did in Vanessa's class. It might end up being a total mess, but you have to experiment a bit, right? :) 

Until next time…….

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