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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Scotties skiing

Next week's Spoonflower contest is Vintage Skiing. I have never actually been skiing, so I had to "Google" my way through a couple of things. Although, in the end, I just used skis and nothing too technical. :) At some point, the idea of scottie dogs popped into my head. When I was growing up, I just loved scottie dog prints. I used to draw scottie silhouettes over and over again.  I would have totally worn this sweater..... with pride.....and probably made some kind of wooden or sculpey earrings to go with it. I had awesome fashion sense....for the 80's. ha! 

I sketched out a few ideas, drew them, and scanned them in. I thought adding a bit of texture and grunge added a kind of worn, er, possibly vintage feel to the whole thing. The contest had a palette restriction too. I have to admit that as a designer with a heap of choices in every department when designing, being limited in some way is actually helpful. 

This is my final design---Scotties Ski Ski Skiing Away! 

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