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Monday, July 14, 2008

Drawing Drawing more Drawing

So, this will be quite a lengthy post for today. I just returned from a week of teaching at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where I was a resident artist a few years ago. It was a fantastic week. I had a really outstanding drawing class, and met lots of interesting people over the course of the week.
My class made these amazing drawings in less than two days!! We started them on Thursday afternoon, and they just charged right through making them.
Here are some shots of us in the studio. There were eight of us in the class. These super-drawers were fearless!! They just cranked out drawings. It was really impressive and a lot of fun. They were just so full of energy, great moments of observation, and sporadic marks of invention.

Below is a piece created by one of the current resident artists, Damon Mcintyre. Check out his site. He has quite a range of work, all of which is quite charming and graceful in its creation.
On the way to Tennessee, I made this drawing of girls with earrings. I saw two women over the last couple of weeks with this enormous earrings. They just seemed like something worth drawing. Then, on the way home, I had to take the early...very early shuttle from Arrowmont to the Knoxville Airport and wait for four hours until my flight departed. My little world for several hours was framed by these very narrow airport windows. I must say though, that the Knoxville airport is the only airport I've ever been to with rocking chairs for the travelers to sit in. Lovely.

A positive-negative space drawing I made while teaching.

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