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Friday, July 4, 2008

Vanity in Shadows and Sexy Red Peppers

A few days ago, Ann roasted these beautiful peppers and made an amazingly yummy assortment of roasted pepper salad dressings. Yum!
Living in an Airstream doesn't afford me the luxury of having a full length mirror around right now. I have this habit at my apartment to always check myself in the mirror as a constant way of seeing if the extra chocolates I ate or the extra running I did the day before affected my body in some way. I am aware of the ridiculousness of my rituals. 
However, while running the other morning, I ran in the opposite direction that I usually do and was trailing my shadow as I ran. I caught myself analyzing my shadow with the same intentions.  It just felt necessary to fess up to that ridiculous moment of vanity. The same day, Carlos said        " There should be a bumper sticker that reads, 'KILL YOUR MIRROR'." 

1 comment:

Sarah Salway said...

Hurrah for no mirrors on the circus farm! And also that you're getting some time to draw.

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