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Friday, August 22, 2008


Amy and I with a strangely deformed corn dog. on stick. 

Carlos and butter Shawn Johnson. He's about to pull her pony tail. A little known great pick-up move. 
Carlos vs. The Corn Dog- a battle  not to be missed. 
David on Mariah. I had the chance to ride her on my last day there. It was great. 
Lisa Esposito's beautiful, she was a fantastic cook!

I was looking back through some Iowa pics from the summer and thought I'd post a few that I thought were great. Some are Iowa State Fair pics, and the others are circus highlights. 


Marie said...

"What the hell is on my forehead?" I thought to myself. And then it all came flooding back. I miss you. We'll have to talk soon, after I get back to the real world (i.e. not Colorado). Survive the hurricane!

Love you!

gsonge said...

what's on your forehead is your ticket to all you can eat corndogs, missy! i need to get me one of those!

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