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Monday, October 12, 2009

new woooorrrkkkk!!

Here are a few quick shots of new stuff. An installation commemorating a twenty year anniversary of significance, and a new painting that I don't quite know what to think of yet. 


richard said...

I like this painting.

Bill Donovan said...

Looking awesome! I like the new graphic looking logs, and the painting on the bottom of the post looks pretty funky and hot.

my santo said...

whoa! lookin good, dang shorty. i am in love with both. maybe the painting feeles wierd because the illustration stuff and painting stuff are joining forces to become a out amazingness is powerful! really really nice. you had me at logs.

Anonymous said...

Wow Greta! This is so wonderful! I miss your whimsical ideas and sweet brushstrokes :D Where is this? My weakness is the yarn.

Congrats on an awesome installation!

Kyle said...

Love your blog

I just launched an Art Social-networking website called If you have time to check it out I'd love to hear your feedback (


Greta, this looks so wonderful. It's alive!

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