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Saturday, February 20, 2010

University of Wyoming, direct trace monotypes and a landscape using acrylic inks and watercolor from a spot on the last day of Ragbrai last year. Good times. 


Joe Olney said...

just beautiful Greta! I'm diggin' the new landscape and figures! All of the figures have something unique about them (varying degrees of explored space, your signature patterning and expressive line work, the flow of one form into another, etc.) and I think the second figure down is especially nice. There's a good mix of definition and ambiguity there. I love that. makes me want to spend some time to figure it out. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

So lovely Greta! The final figure hits home with me, I love that stark transition of tone marked by the separating line...Wonderful!

my santo said...

wowee! clouds and street are so beautiful in the landscape! i am in love with the fusions! (this is the new word i just made up to descibe the new stlye you just made up that combines your painting and drawing mad skills)

Jean-Philippe De Rycker said...

Not sure what direct trace monotype is but sounds great like the drawings ... definitely love the stand alone lady in the middle ... Bon travail et bonne creativite ma chere Greta! A bientot!


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