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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lanscape Drawing with Drawing I

An ink drawing done with a skewer. I had become so accustomed to using my nice lil pen and all the nice lil tips, that I forgot how much I like drawing with ink and q-tips and skewers. Also, it was just a beautiful day in sunny, sunny Florida. Birds chirped, leaves rustled, and a woodpecker provided a percussion-like background beat.


John Martinek said...

Beautiful contour drawing Greta. I like the way it leads you into the drawing from the mass in the lower right corner. It feels very clear and structured and a great sense of you having felt your way around all of the edges, looking at the subject more than the drawing itself. Great sense of balance and harmony, of thick and thin, big and small. A beautiful melody of leaves, branches and lines.

Jean-Philippe De Rycker said...

Tweet Tweet ... ink is really fun! I will try it with a skewer next time ...


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