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Friday, May 4, 2012

For a few months, we've been working here and there on new cabinets for the main bathroom. And, I've been looking at Pinterest way too much gathering ideas. Today, everything started to come together. 
I know they may be kind of cliche or too kitschy at this point, but I just love those birch trees people have on their walls. I think they are mostly decals or stencils. So, I knew I wanted something like that in the bathroom. Luckily, I've painted a few trees/ logs in my day. So, I was really geared up to finally do a painting on a wall that wouldn't get painted over like my previous installations. :) 

This was the old painting on the wall.John and I did that two summers ago when I first moved in. We traced silhouettes of flowers from our backyard. I really liked that painting, but it was time for a change! 
 This is our color testing phase too. I bought that oops paint in the bargain bin at Ace. (the yellow one) Sadly, though the oops paint lost the battle. John's normal, non-oops-paint-priced blue paint was the clear winner.  I will use that yellow for something, someday!
 The blank, blue wall....pre-trees
 Various stages of tree painting.... beginnings....
 dark accents and textures....

These little tress will eventually get dowels painted in the same manner that will serve as towel hooks. I just love the playful, but calm quality of it all. I just love adding these kinds of fun accents to rooms. Afterall, John and I are artists. So, we should have a house that reflects that! 

 This is where we finally landed doors on cabinets yet, but it is definitely coming along. 

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