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Monday, May 7, 2012

For the last few days we've been consumed with taking care of bathroom renovation duties.  Meanwhile, the seedlings I planted and the plants I bought needed to get in the ground.  Today, I had a full day of garden adventures and even got a few design ideas in the process which is always nice. :) 

 A couple of weeks ago, I added a few new feet to the garden. That's the area right in front. More plants! More plants! 


More volunteer lettuce, chard, beans, peas, kale, peppers,  and even celery, which apparently has an "unquenchable thirst" and is one of the hardest things to grow. I guess we'll see how it goes anyway! 
This is what's left of my "ghetto gardening" adventure. Soda cups, old egg cartons, plastic berry containers, and Starbucks cups worked like a charm as little greenhouses! 

 Volunteer lettuce from last year's late summer planting attempt is ready for eating! yum! 
I am not sure what these are called, but I just love them. That hot pink is such a treat in the garden. 

                                                       I just love the clematis. 

The whole yard is just bursting with flowers right now....daisies, lilacs, and peonies. 
Growing up, we never really had peonies in Louisiana. So, I am always just mesmerized by them......plump and so fragrant.......mmmmm.

I found these little babies in the lilac bush. I've been watching the mom fly in and out of there and on the hunt for delicious little worms for them. 

This is called a Spittlebug. Yesterday, I thought someone had spit on our plants. Then, I googled "spit on my plants" (HA!) and turns out it was just these little guys hiding themselves in this disgusting stuff that looks just like spit. ew. 


Jeannie said...

Good luck with the garden. I can rarely get anything to sprout, and when I do, the dogs get to it. :( Celery would be amazing to grow oneself. Especially as you can't find any that isn't GMO these days. Who wants patent pending celery??? SCARY!

BarefootAdrianne said...

A great pesticide is a spray bottle with a couple cups of water, a healthy squirt of Dr Bronner's soap and a couple garlic cloves. Shake it up and let it sit for 30 minutes before using. Works like a charm and washes completely off your harvest.

gsonge said...

OOh! That's a great tip Adrianne!

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