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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flower Doodles

 I just finished a design for Spoonflower's "Hand Drawn" contest. I tried my best to make the full block by hand, color and all. Then, I just did the repeat in photoshop. It still needs some work. I don't think color translates well in PS. I prefer to work a bit differently than this usually. I just love the flower design though. Those little guys were the result of some solid doodling in my sketchbook. I feel like doodling is such a great way to get ideas! I put a few images of my sketchbook in the post. I feel like I have all these little doodle moments in my sketchbook that are just waiting for a home in a pattern or illustration. I just love when I find a place to use them! :) I have a feeling I will alter this design and make another one with a bit more digital manipulation and with different colors. 

I love these little that a frog head!!?? :) 

I used black, blue, and white ink to make the design. I also used a gray prismacolor marker for some of the coloring.

 I wanted to keep it simple in the beginning, but then I just couldn't stop adding color! 


Anonymous said...

fantastic to see your process ~ just love this design :D

chandra said...

I love doodling for idea development too, Greta! A sketchbook is a playground. Thanks for sharing your process.

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