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Friday, June 8, 2012

Iowa City Quilt Show

Last week, in the midst of the Arts Festival in Iowa City and a family visit, I had the chance to stop by the Old Capitol Quilters Guild show at the Methodist Church downtown. It was so great! 

The quilts themselves were outstanding and impressive, but I have to say that my biggest thrill came from just viewing the show as a whole. Hundreds of quilts were draped over the pews of the church and hung from the balcony above. Behind it all was a glorious display of stained glass that provided a backdrop like no other. It was just truly, truly beautiful. It was really astounding how the quilts echoed the beauty of the windows and vice versa.....just lovely and so inspiring!! 

This was one of my favorites of the show....a quite traditional design, but I just fell in love with the ombre pattern of this double wedding ring quilt.  It was just stunning!

 I also found a little history of the wedding ring pattern here as I was doing this post.

I also thought these were really great!

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